Settling only
for the best

Our strength....
our employees!

That's right, we are most certainly proud of the skilled work that takes place in our Ateliers. Our spirit of loyalty makes us determined to create and nurture long-term relations. Working, always at your side, employing true talent, whether new young talents or those who have been established for several years already.... At Gem Ateliers, we like to hand down our expertise.
This covers the specific skills of all of our staff - setters, polishers, experts in precious stones and the associated services which are the best guarantees of a recognised expertise in the "small universe" of jewellery.

Prestigious jewellery for Paris, fine jewellery for Lyon, gems for the Champagne region, each Atelier has its own specialisation to suit your requirements.

Our strength is in our employees, who are faithful and highly qualified and are united through their talent and their loyalty. They are passionately committed to their profession and have a profound sense of belonging to Gem Ateliers.

An alliance of skills and talents