Respecting commitments
and remaining true
to our word
Gino and Bruno Cisternino

A family affair

"Throughout the years, we have developed some very strong ties with our customers. Our solid base in family tradition means that it comes naturally to us to forge a close relationship with our customers..." The statement has been made. This is how Gino and Bruno Cisternino describe the connection they have with their customers. They work on a daily basis towards enhancing this relationship, by respecting commitments and staying true to their word and through the attention paid constantly by each and every person involved to the finish and quality that you so rightly expect from us. It is also achieved through transparency, both in technical discussions and commercial relations, and in the checks and validations carried out throughout the entire production process. And finally, through the security of your pieces of jewellery and our employees. Always explaining what we are doing and revealing how we do it.... but above all doing what we said we would do, for you and only for you!

Sharing our desire to guarantee you
the best in our business